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Car is a dream of every person bring your dream car home. New fashionable cars are in the market. Be hurry to grab the car loan at best competitive rates. Here you get the fast-growing lenders in one platform. Our auto loan services include a wide range of cars and multi-utility vehicles. Our associate partners finance you both for your new and used cars.

At delhiloanbazaar you will get quick online quotes for the car loans from the best lenders in the market. You can here compare the rates and choose the most convenient one, as the EMI matters to you. If you are looking for a lender to refinance your car then click here and within a short time you get the quotes from our loan experts.

Surely good credit people have more flexibility to choose the lenders. Yet those who have Bad credit need not worry for it. Pay an affordable down payment according to your budget. There are choices for you. You can compare the rates of the major car loan providers here.

Get the best deal here on car loan financing. Which is your need?

  • Want to purchase a used car from a dealer?
  • Want to purchase a used car from a private party?.
  • Want to purchase a new car?

If you are too much impulsive, then you shall take guide from us. Want to purchase a flamboyant car? Think about your resources. It is useless purchasing a car without your range and falls in bankruptcy. So think judiciously. There are tips that our loan experts guide you.

  • Get here the competitive rates of several lenders
  • Choose the best affordable one.
  • Ask for the cheapest car loan if you just start your career

You might have difficulty contacting each lenders directly to know the car loan rates as well as to take the loan which lead to a hard sales pitch. Here you need not put your head too much, as all the lenders you get here in one roof. Get online the rates and take advice from our experts who give you the rates of all the aggressive lenders.

If you are quite young and just start your career, then what will you do? As the banks will ask for your credit history, your accounts might have regular deposit on each payday. This would passively help you to borrow less and purchase the better car.

The loan application process is quite simple. You can apply in a minute.


  • *Wide range of product to choose.
  • *Doorstep service at your comfort.
  • *Zero charges – No extra charges, fees or commissions to you.
  • *Simple procedure, minimal documentation and quick approval.
  • *Attractive interest rates.
  • *Expert advice on your needs and suitability.
  • *Provide transparency and rapid decision making, with no confusion.
  • *Compare prices and Features of various banks/ insurers.
  • *Calculate your Emi , Eligibility , Life cover and so on.
  • *Provide comprehensive choice than any of our competitors.
  • *Quick and transparent processing.


Every customer’s eligibility is different. Access your eligibility with our simple calculator.

  • *To qualify for a loan you must be An Indian resident.
  • * You must be at least 24 years of age at the commencement of the loan.
  • * The loan must terminate before or at 65 years of age.
  • * You must be salaried , self-employed or professionals with a regular source of income.
  • * If your spouse is an earning member, you can make him/ her the co-applicant. Their income will be considered to enhance the eligibility.


Salaried Customers Self Employed Professionals Self Employed Non Professional
Application form with photograph signed by applicant Application form with photograph signed  by applicant Application form with photograph signed  by applicant
Identity, residence and age proof Identity, residence and age proof Identity, residence and age proof
PAN card copy of the applicant PAN card copy of the applicant PAN card copy of the applicant
Last 3 months Salary-slips Education qualification certificate and proof of business existence Proof of business existence
Form 16 / Income Tax Returns last 2 year Last 3 years Income Tax Returns with computation of Income Business profile
Last 3 years Income Tax Returns with computation of Income
Last 6 months bank statements Last 3 years CA Certified / Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Last 3 years CA Certified/ Audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account
Last 6 months bank statements Last 6 months bank statements (self and business)
Banks/Rates Car Loan Interest Rates
New Car Loan Used Car Loan Processing Fees
ICICI Bank 10% to 11.75% 13% to 15% 4500/-
HDFC Bank 10% to 12% 13.5% to 16% 3500/-
Kotak Bank 11.5% to 14% 14% to 18% 3000/-
Axis Bank 11% to 13% 15% to 19% 3000/-
State Bank of India 10% to 13.5% 12% to 14% 2500/-
Punjab National Bank 10.5% to 12% 12% to 15% 2500/-
Bank of India 11% to 12% 13% to 16% 3500/-
Loan Rates are subject to change according to the bank.


Step 1 – Choose the lenders.

Step 2 – Determine your Loan Eligibility .

Step 3 – Get ready all your required documents.

Step 4 – Apply for Loan by filling the application form with all requisite documents.

Step 5 – Verification -The lender will verify the information and documentation provided by you along with checking your credit history. The lender can also ask for additional documents.

Step 6 – After verification and credit check lender calculate your eligibility and get the loan Sanction.

Step 6 – Once loan get sentioned lender issue a loan agreement with all terms and conditions.

Step 6 – Applicant sign the loan agreement and give post-dated cheque or ecs for repayment.

Step 6 – Disbursal of loan.

At Delhiloanbazaar, our car loan scheme is among the fastest growing commercial vehicle loan Delhi schemes since we offers fast and easy processing of car loans delhi for the new and old cars loan delhi, truck loan delhi, at low interest rates with simple documentation and no hidden conditions.

We weave along your dream of owning a automobile with faster and easier vehicle finance choices and with simple interest compensation tenure up to ten years; creating it a sleek journey. Our tailored car loans delhi offers you for as we have a tendency to contemplate the ‘on-road value’ of the vehicle for funding; which suggests, our automobile finance covers insurance and road tax.

Delhiloanbazaar offers vehicle loan Delhi, truck loan delhi, commercial vehicle loan delhi, heavy vehicle loan delhi .We guide to choose over minimum interest rate plan to finance your new buy vehicle or for your old vehicle.


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